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What’s a photobooth?

What is a Photo booth?


Say Cheeeeeeeeeese!!! At a big event, when family and friends come together, we like to take photos that capture these exceptional moments, keep images of moments of shared joy and consolidate the bonds created (or strengthened)! The good idea is to create a photobooth for a beautiful, fun and unique decor!

What’s a photobooth?

Today, it is an alternative to the photographer of major events. This is especially the opportunity to create an animation and bring some fun to the event by creating a thematic/fun/offbeat setting that will serve as the background for group photos ! No more stress of passing in front of the lens and the stilred poses! Photobooth is particularly popular at weddings, but it can also be used at any other friendly event. Ambiance guaranteed! Last asset, no need to spend fortunes. With a little time and imagination, you can create your own photobooth background. DIY followers will appreciate it !

Essential material for original photos

For a successful photobooth, several elements must be present:

The backdrop. 

No need to be Kim Kardashian to afford a wall of white flowers on her wedding day. A large reinforcement of crepe paper or natural flowers, it’s up to us to play to create a 100% floral wall. You can also opt for more light alternatives and use, for example, a door, balloons, fringed curtains… for the backdrop of the photobooth! No time to create a decor? You can simply put your frame in the middle of nature!

Big things. 

To give body to a theme, you can stage objects. A retro wedding? We put a big suitcase, a nice armchair, rococos frames… that will boost the imagination of the guests when they (get) shoot the portrait! And we decline to envy for a floral wedding, a black & white birthday, a country-themed cousinade, etc.

The Props. 

No successful photobooth without them! For guests to enjoy the animation and for cannon photos, there are plenty of accessories available! Straw hats, feathered boa, top hat, big glasses, wigs and clown nose… You can also opt for cardboard shapes fixed at the end of wooden spikes: mustache, bezel, red lips… Sure that guests will appreciate!

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What is all the thing around hiring a photo booth for your gathering? 


Your visitors will cherish it. We generally have a line to get into our corner and when visitors come out they are continually grinning; to such an extent they return over and over! “The photobooth was the feature of the night and everyone was truly satisfied with the photos,” said one of our guests. “Much obliged to you for assisting with making our night one to recall!” 

Appropriate for all ages 

“I need to state I cherished the photograph stall thus did the children!” composes another genuine lady of the hour. “It was stunning, such a snicker and it was ideal to have something the youngsters and grandparents could participate with. I have the photographs in my handbag and am continually demonstrating them to friends. It’s FAB! Much appreciated once more!” 


Back in past times worth remembering we never had cameras on our telephones! To get a moment image of you and every one of your companions you needed to stroll into town and press into a photograph stall (ordinarily wearing a frightful light blue window ornament). Well our corners may look increasingly in vogue however the idea is the equivalent. What’s more, obviously, we add some pleasant props to make it significantly increasingly vital. 

Word of mouth 

Need your wedding to have something somewhat extraordinary? Well a photo booth from Kookaboo will have your guests raving for a considerable length of time thereafter. “I simply needed to send you a short note to state thank you by and by,” says another lady of the hour. “Everybody raved about this entertainment and I will absolutely recommend you to anybody later on.” 

Awesome gift 

Why give a conventional box of almonds when you could have a ton of fun photograph from the day, that visitors can think back on for quite a long time to come? One decent thought is to give them an envelope with a note to go to the photo booth later! We can include a duplicate of their snaps to this awesome memento blessing. 

Top notch results 

We gloat the most excellent pictures and innovation and our own is no special case. All our Booth are pressed with the most recent expert studio hardware. We ensure your prints are of the highest caliber. To such an extent we are regularly approached to make our photos into huge canvas prints so visitors can show them in their homes. 

Use your wedding theme 

It is safe to say that you are having a theme on your huge day? Regardless of whether you need a winter wonderland, day at the sea shore or even only a shading we can carry the props to coordinate your subject. We can even tweak your prints to coordinate and we can even redo the stall itself! 

Sharing moments 

Not exclusively will your visitors get a duplicate of the pleasant photos on the night, we will likewise transfer all your pictures to your own online album! This helps carry on the  good time for a considerable length of time after the large day as loved ones tag, remark and duplicate their photos. 

Cool guestbook 

This might be the most compelling motivation of all to book a photo booth for your wedding day. Despite the fact that you probably won’t understand we’re doing this, you will be happy your booth’s attendant set aside the effort to ensure everybody adds a snap to your visitor book while leaving a message around the photos. Over and over here at Kookaboo photo booth we are told how glad ladies and grooms are with this piece of our administration. It’s another contort on the customary visitor books and one that you will need to take a gander at over and over.

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5 Steps to Create a Beautiful Balloon Wall

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5 steps to create a beautiful Ballon Wall

In spite of mainstream thinking, inflatables are not only for children’s birthday celebrations. Here at Kookaboo photo booth, we love balloon walls, so we’ve gathered together our top picks and shared the key to making your own… 

Here at Kookaboo Photo Booth we’re immense aficionados of inflatable balloons. In addition to the fact that they are an extraordinary wedding stylistic theme thought, yet they make a spectacular photograph scenery as well. 

Most importantly, inflatables are extremely cheap to get your hands on, and balloon walls are entirely simple to make yourself. Check out our tutorial for how to make an inflatable backdrop at home, in addition to the best inflatable walls we’ve seen across the web. Best of all, here are a couple of instant inflatable backdrop to shop in case you’re somewhat short on schedule… 

The most effective method to Make a Balloon Wall in 5 Steps 

You Will Need: 

A hot glue gun. It’s extremely significant that you set it to it’s lowest temperature, otherwise the inflatables will blow out

– Get as many latex balloons as you can get your hands on! 

An air pump

A bit of foam board

Duct tape 

Streamers, foil tufts, fake grass, foliage and flowers 

Stage 1: Inflate Your Balloons 

First of all: you have to inflate all your ballons. For the best impact, swell them to different sizes  some little, some medium and some huge. 

Stage 2: Build a Foam Board structure 

Use your foam board to shape your backdrop structure. At that point connect the boards to the wall with twofold sided duct tape. 

Remember when the inflatables are appended, you won’t see the boards, so it does not matter if they are not perfectly shaped. 

Stage 3: Attach Your Balloons! 

Let’s have fun! it’s an ideal opportunity to begin connecting your inflatables to your wall! Include your biggest inflatables first, at that point fill in the holes with the little ones. 

You can do this in one of two different ways: either by sticking the inflatables straightforwardly onto the foam, or by sticking their ribbons. The more inflatables you include the less of the background you will see. 

Before sticking all your inflatables, consider how you’d like your balloon backdrop to look when it’s done.  Your imagination will figure out where you place your inflatables. 

Stage 4: Add Your Props 

When the entirety of your inflatables are now well in placed on the wall, you can mess with beautifying additional items. 

Your event topic will generally figure out what else you may get a kick out of the chance to add to your inflatable divider. For a forest wedding, foliage would be an exquisite expansion, while pampas grass would work wonderfully at a bohemian festival. 

Stage 5: Take a Step Back 

Now, it’s almost done, it is good to find an other activity to do before coming back to take a gander at your ballon backdrop with open-minded perspectives. 

Doing so will empower you to see where you need to include more inflatables or additional beautifications like decorations, blossoms, pixie lights or foliage. You may find that you would prefer not to include anything!

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