Let’s face it, when you are planning an event, you need to create something amazing which will make folks wish to share their expertise. You would like to make something so engaging they wish to inform their family and friends about it and get the word and your brand – outside.

We meet with a great number of businesses that are looking to add a photo booth to their event or trade show because they believe it’s an enjoyable thing to attract individuals at their event or booth – which it is! – however there’s a lot more that photo booth may do than simply attract people. 

A photo booth is a strong promotional tool that may please guests and your marketing department too! 

Our photo booth can display your brand, and also our social network sharing maintains brand consistency right down to the language, links and hashtags which are utilized when guests share their photos. 

You are probably wondering what type of reach you may get in an event with photo booth so let us look at the numbers on the left inside.

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